About Me

O.o; You wanna know about me? Really? >.> Uhh... Well alright. I'm your average boring gal really. I'm addicted to anime, games, and goofing off really... Lol! I'm also into web design and video editting as well. Well, I haven't done much web design lately actually. But I'm sure I'll pick it back up again in the near future... Too bad I'm so far behind with the latest stuff though, so I'll be doing the basic stuff.... So yeah. Video editting is very slow as well. I've got so many ideas, but I'm limited to just using windows movie maker, so can't really do much with it. But there are a few effects that I have found that I can use to help my videos sometimes, so it's not completely as bad as it use to be. So, yeah. Lots of ideas in my head, just gotta try to transfer it to the actual videos.


Name: Dolores (but I hate being called by that, fyi ^^; )
Nicknames: Yukino, Yukiryo, Yuki, Ryotas, Ryo, (call me by one of these preferrably ^^; )
Age: 33 (although I'm more like 15... just a big kid really! Lol! ^^; )
Height/Weight: Rather not mention these... ^^;
Likes: Peanut Butter, Waffles, Chocolate, Mountain Dew, Tea
Dislikes: ... Lots of foods, too many to mention... Liars, fakes, being ignored and/or forgotten...


Movies: Resident Evil: Afterlife (currently obsessed with it ^^; ), Howl's Moving Castle, Queen of the Damned, Ladies Man (Jerry Lewis version), The Lake House, Simply Irrestible, Reality Bites, Blast From The Past, just to name a few off the top of my head.
Music: Bullet For My Valentine, The Used... Tons of 80s songs. Tons of anime openings. Tons of kpop/krock songs. lol! Right now, my current song obsessions are: Ai Ai Gasa by Tegomass, I think (I love you) by Byul, Miracle by Vertical Horizon, and Bittersweet Memories by Bullet For My Valentine.
Drink: Mountain Dew. All flavors of it, but Code Red and White Out best.
Colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Red
Foods: Spaghetti, Pizza, Subway turkey sub, Shrimp Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, Kimchi, Tacos/burritos
Desserts: Ice cream (Homemade Vanila, Cookes & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip), Ice Cream Cake (preferrably Cookies & Cream), Cookies, Canolis, Donuts
*Yes I'm a fatty... lol! *

Thats all on the faves. I'll add more when I think of them... lol!

That's it for the About Me page. Don't ask for more, cause there isn't any more! Lol!